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Play Premium Version Of Mortal Kombat X Without Paying With Mortal Kombat X Hack

Video games have been the heartbeat of many youngsters since its release. It gained too much popularity in no time. In modern times, the traditional video games have been replaced by the computer and Xbox versions. Mortal Kombat is one of the most played games on these latest technological devices. Due to the huge fan following of this game, its tenth version has been released recently. Although all gamers can’t afford the premium version yet they have an option in the form of mortal kombat x hack to play this game for free with all the features that are incorporated in the original version.

How To Cheat in Mortal Kombat X with our online tool?

It is a two player game but can be played in single player mode too. Like the basic versions of the game, in this version also two players fight against each other. If two players are available then both of them fight against each other using any of the characters or against the CPU player if only one player is playing the game. All its characters have some unique power and abilities and various set of moves of their own which the players can use during the fight. The energy bar is shown at the top corners of each player. With each hit, there is some reduction in the energy specifying the number of hits taken. When that energy bar is decreased to zero, the respective player loses the game. In mortal kombat x hackplayers will find two new finishing moves:

  • Quality- if a player quits a multi-player match then the respective character of the player dies instantly making the other player the winner
  • Faction kills- it is a kind of clean sweep move or total knockdown  move in which the players have a special ability to kill the opponent in one go using a special kind move

Types of modes

Both for multi-player and single player game various modes are available. For a single player, the player can enjoy the story mode, plot-driven mode or the living tower mode. In story mode the games progress in the form a story like the opponents keep coming at regular intervals, you are given with the virtual food from time to time to increase your strength and power. There is a certain objective, which needs to be fulfilled at the end of the story mode. In the plot-driven mode, players are made to fight against the opponent in a particular scenario while last on offers certain challenges to the players. In case of, a multiplayer game, players can enjoy mortal kombat x hackonline by fighting against the players in real time. It incorporates king of the hill, test your luck and the survivor mode.

Apart from the 24 basic characters, 9 new characters have been added in this new instalmentof this series to increase the competitiveness and to garner more attention of the gamers. This instalment too was received with both hands by the gaming fraternity.